A quirky set of playing cards depicting well-known existentialist writers as the face cards and their quotes as the number cards 


Aliza Razell :Her Photos Are Moody, Her Paintings Are Surreal, But The Combination Is Breathtaking.

Aliza Razell is an artist with a unique method: she mixes striking photos and vibrant watercolor paints. The paint layers in an explosion of color onto the photo’s realistic backdrop, transforming the scene into a strange and wonderful fantasy.


I made some Orphan Black inspired leather bracelets.

(I do make custom personalized bracelets here)


a very important comparison (x)

Léa Seydoux - Fotogramas Magazine - November 2013



Surreal Artworks by Akexander Rommel

This is the sort of art I’d love to one day have on my walls.